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  1. All anglers must have a Texas Fishing License, unless exempt.

  2. All fish must be caught by rod and reel only. All fish of all species must meet state and federal requirements. Live bait and/or artificial lures are acceptable.

  3. All occupants of boat must be registered in the tournament and a maximum of 4 lines may be in the water at any time.

  4. Fisherman may launch their boats from anywhere they choose. Please observe the honor system and do not begin fishing before 6:00 AM.

  5. Trout eligible for stringer and largest individual fish may not exceed 23”.

  6. Redfish eligible for stringer, heaviest individual fish, and spot pot must be within the TPW Slot (20” - 28”).

  7. Flounder eligible for stringer and heaviest individual fish must be over 14”.

  8. The team with the heaviest stinger of five (5) fish will be determined the winner. In the event of a tie, the time of the team’s stringer weigh-in will determine winner (Earliest entry wins).

  9. A team’s stringer can be made up of no more than five (5) fish (trout, red, founder only) for the weigh-in and may not include more than two (2) redfish. Any other combinations are acceptable.

  10. Black drum weighed in for the individual fish award must be within the TPW Slot (14”- 30”). In the event of a tie, length shall serve as a tie-breaker.

  11. For those teams competing in the voluntary red fish spot pot, the total spots will be counted for both sides of the fish.

  12. Weigh-in of non-compliant fish will not be weighed. Once the weigh-master has been given a team’s fish no substitution of fish is allowed.

  13. All teams must be in the weigh in line no later than 2:00 PM. Late entries will be disqualified. Angler assumes responsibility of meeting rules and requirements.

  14. A guide’s fish may be included in the total stringer weight, but not for the largest fish categories.

  15. All weights will be determined by The Weigh Master scales. The Weigh Master will keep the official time, make all final decisions and enforce all tournament rules and regulations.

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